We’ve let the board dry overnight for 24hrs and lightly sanded both deck, hull & rails with 120 grit sandpaper. 

Mixing the Epoxy Resin and Cilica the right way
Mixing the Epoxy resin and silica charge

You can use either single component polyurethane yacht varnish or as I’ve done for the video Epoxy Resin. Mix the epoxy following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that you use a transparent wood-specific epoxy.

Using Silica fine powder as a charge for epoxy resin
Silica Powder used as a charge for Epoxy resins

You’ll probably need to mix up about 60gms of resin & hardener to do each side. Once the harder has been added and thoroughly mixed, add some silica charge/powder to thicken up the mix. The silica looks like talc, a white powder but once it dries in the resin it’s more or less transparent when used as a fine layer. The silica trade-name in France is Aerosil and it’s a nasty lightweight charge that is particularly bad for your respiratory system – so wearing a mask at all times is highly recommended.

Correct mixing advice silica & Epoxy resin
Mixing the silica & Epoxy is not evident without instruction

You need to mix the epoxy and silica into a salad cream thickness.

A lack of silica will result in a lumpy unmixed resin, so just add a little bit at a time and re-mix until it becomes a smooth paste. This is an invaluable piece of information and is the secret about how to mix Silica charge with any epoxy resin.

Apply the resin mix to your board and work from nose to tail
Applying the resin with a squeegee – start in the middle then work nose to tail along the length of the board

Starting from the center of the board you will need to apply the epoxy with a squeegee then transfer your strokes from nose to tail or vice-versa, traveling along the entire length of the board. Working from tail to nose avoids getting squeegee lines in the resin.

You need to varnish one side, let it dry and then once it’s dry – flip it over, rinse and repeat ;-).

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