Here we go!

This is an image of your Kite Alaia marked onto the wooden blank
In this image, we can see what we are trying to achieve

Mark the center-line on the blank using a flexible straight edge (a 2.4m/8ft length of MDF skirting) measure centers and mark using your sharp pencil. Position the template on the center-line, clamp it in place and trace around it.

Flip it over, rinse and repeat.

On the center-line, you can also mark the 2 fin holes at this point if you choose too.

Your board outline should be perfectly symmetrical.

Cut around the traced board outline with a jigsaw – it’s a repeat process of cutting out the template.

Leave a saw width distance of material for security.

Using a jigsaw to cut around the traced outline of your Kite Alaia
Cutting around the traced outline with a jigsaw

To be able to sand or route back to the marked board outline that you’ve made.

We need to ensure that the rails are perfectly 90° to the line. So there should be a small excess of wood to remove. You can do that with a sanding block or by using a router, set up with a copy bit tracing around the template once it has been clamped into position with the screw clamps. Route around the template to remove excess material.

Removing the excess wood with a small scale router & copy bit
Re-position the template in place and using the router trim off the excess wood

Flip it over, rinse and repeat.

Once you have routed around the template the rails should be perfect
Once you have removed the excess wood – the rails should be perfect at 90° to the template

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Hello, I'm an Englishman living in Montpellier, France. I've been kiting and shaping boards for over 20yrs. I’m super stoked to share my knowledge via these DIY self-build Kilaia pages with you.

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