Why Paulownia?

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Paulownia the No 1 material for producing lightweight mechanically strong Kite Alaia's
Paulownia has become the wood of choice due to its hydrophobic qualities

Paulownia is not the only material that Kite Alaia’s can be made from, it’s just that as a hydrophobic wood, used throughout the watersports board manufacturing industry, it has certain advantages but you have to glass your board and that can be judged as a big negative by certain individuals. Everyone has to agree that it’s not super ecological using any type of resin epoxy or polyester.

Pine also works fine plus you do not need to use glass fiber – just a coat of epoxy or varnish and your set to go. You can make your boards as thin as 18mm laced with a stringer of denser woods. However, these denser woods can make your board heavier – so it’s a question of experimentation and being creative.

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