Which companies produce Kite Alaias?

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Wooden-Stuff Project - Custom Paulownia blank development & Kilaia specialist
Wooden-Stuff Project – Bespoke blank development & custom Kilaias

www.wooden-stuff.com – Specialising in unique handcrafted Kilaia Kiteboards since 2014

GIN Kilaia Kiteboards - The Swiss light-wind kite-surf specialists
GIN Kites the Swiss Light-Wind Specialists – 220 Kilaia Kiteboards

www.ginkites.com – GIN the Swiss light-wind specialists

Takoon Kiteboarding California
Takoon – Chinese built TIKI – Kite specific Alaia

Takoonkiteboarding.com – French company producing TIKI – Kite specific Alaias. 

Woodyboard by Nicolas Guindé - custom made wooden Kiteboards from Birtanny
Nicolas Guindé – Woodyboard – Hand-Made Kite specific Alaias

Woodyboard.fr – specialising in all types of wooden kitesurf & surf craft

Spanish Eco boards – Hand-Made Kite specific Alaia

Wameroo – Eco board shapers producing the Walaia

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