Stocking Covers or Board Bag?

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Board Socks are available to order or you can make your own quite easily
DIY Stretchy Board Sock Cover

They’re easy to make even if you’re not overly familiar with a sewing machine. Just trace around your board, add a little extra material and sew, or in perfect world overlock, the material together to create the seam. If you choose to buy or make your own stocking board cover be aware that the non-slip solutions that use sugar, salt or NautixGrip do not like stocking board bags, they’re too clingy and catch on the grip!

Personally, we prefer a good old-fashioned board bag that’s made for the job. It provides much better protection for the rails of your board and it’s been designed to do a specific job.

You can buy an 8ft longboard surf bag for around 50€ and that should suffice or you can order specific Kite-Alaia board bags from various suppliers – see the supplier link page

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