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Resin suppliers and considerations for which type to choose
Choose a resin that is UV stable and wood specific

The number of resin suppliers is pretty vast…

We’ve listed below the popular resins tested & used by Wooden-Stuff over a period of 12yrs. There are numerous other suppliers that work equally as well – some would argue better…
The important facts to remember when choosing your resin are listed below:

# Choose a wood specific resin that will adhere to your chosen wood
# If you are new to using resins, choose a slow hardener – up to 90mins
# Review the measuring and mixing procedures for your specific resin
# Do Not Guestimate the volumes – measuring/weighing the mix is essential
# When laminating avoid humidity at all cost
# Don’t rush things – patience is a virtue

R-Concept Green Turtle Epoxy Resin
Entropy CLR BioEpoxy Resin
Sicomin GreenPoxy Resin
Resoltech 1070 Epoxy Resin

Most resins have a choice of hardeners – Fast, Medium or Slow
Each manufacturer produces PDF technical sheets, detailing how to mix, apply & work the product.
Be aware that not all resins use the same mix-ratios.
You should use a set of digital scales to weigh each part of the mixture.

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