Can you ride Tandem on a Kilaia?

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Chris Middleton & Russell Farrington riding Tandem on a Kilaia for the first time in June 2019
Russ Farrington & Chris Middleton Riding Tandem Kilaia – June, 2019

Well, surprisingly enough, the answer to that is yes…

Like all things ‘Kite specific Alaia‘ it will lend itself pretty much to any kite situation! Russell Farrington & Chris Middleton were riding Tandem way back in June 2019 just for fun – tricking and larking around because that’s what a Kilaia is all about: having the maximum amount of fun on the water and sharing special moments between friends, in the lightest or strongest of winds.

Ideally, the board outline shape may need to be longer circa 250cm to compensate for the addition of two people’s body weight. However, in the image above Russell & Chris are messing around on a 235cm board.

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