Are Kite Alaia’s good for beginners?

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Lucia & Morena enjoying the Kilaia ride in Southern Sicily
Stepping onto a Kite Alaia puts you in the feel-good zone

Yes most definitely!

Like everything, there’s a learning curve to acquiring any new skill but the simplicity of a Kite Alaia allows you to learn how to ride strapless, how to move your stance on the board, how to hack upwind, and generally improve all the skills necessary to achieve a higher level of competence in kitesurfing generally.

Everything on a Kite Alaia is kind of in ‘slow-motion‘ so learning becomes awesomely easy.

Some kite-schools have incorporated the Kite Alaia as part of their teaching equipment. It allows newcomers to effortlessly ride upwind, which has hitherto been much more difficult to achieve on shorter directional & twin-tip boards.

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