Blaster | 220 cm Kite Alaia

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download Blaster 220 cm

The Blaster is the shortest Kilaia board and as a result the most maneuverable Kilaia of the downloadable templates. It’s the perfect board to ride in more wave oriented locations. However, for more heavy-weight riders the wind will need to be slightly stronger & consistent. If your weight is over 95kg/210lbs we would recommend opting for the mid-length 225cm Trickster.

The Blaster can also be used for riders of below and up to 75kg/165lbs in the same way as a heavier rider would use the Cruiser to ride around your friendly neighborhood lake for example.

These are general user guidelines based on real-time rider feedback. This is a proven shape that has been tried & tested.

Blaster | 220 cm Kite Alaia (566 downloads)