Nicolay Dobrev

Chin-Chin from Nicolay – happy to be riding his convertible Foilaia

Full Name: Nicolay Dobrev

Age & Location: 47yrs old – Germany

Professional Activity: Senior Materials Technologist

No of years kiting: 10+ yrs

Preferred kite conditions: Some wind, some water, somewhere…

Back to Nature and back to basics… it’s what we are all about. A plank of wood, tweaked a little and glassed or just rubbed with linen seed oil. Then loads of fun even in marginal conditions and back in your living room to enjoy its simplicity and cozy companionship. Take whatever Mother Nature gives you and enjoy it. We’ve done too much harm to her… driving, flying, chasing her moods. High-tech toxicity and monstrous pollution, trying to be less and less dependent upon her. It’s time we grow up and live in peace with nature… she’s our Mother, not our enemy.
That’s what Kilaia is about for me.