Greg Reemers

Greg Reemers riding a Kilaia220 Wave at Boucanet, France
Greg, getting it on in the swell

Full Name: Greg Reemers

Location: Montpellier, Fr.

Professional Activity: Kite Surf Coach

No of years kiting: Over 20yrs

Preferred kite conditions: Any since the discovery of the Kite specific Alaia

The Kilaia opens up a brand new super-simple access for every kitesurfer on the planet. I’ve been using the Kite Alaia to teach beginners with fantastic results. The extra-large planing surface that these boards have, allows inexperienced kitesurfers to ride upwind like never before. We’ve had a number of students that manage to navigate upwind on their very first sessions. Combine that with the fact that I enjoy riding the Kilaia in shoulder-high waves – it’s a very simple, strapless, no-stress navigation that puts a smile on your face as soon as you step onto the board.

Greg riding the Kite Alaia that was made in the videos