Adam Farrington

Adam Farrington the youngest member of our team and a great asset to the DIY Kilaia club
Adam cruising at Portland Harbour on a Kilaia 225cm Custom

Full Name: Adam Farrington

Age & Location: 16yrs old – POOLE, United kingdom

Professional Activity: Student/Kite Surfer

No of years kiting: 10yrs

Preferred kite conditions: Anything let it roll…

The Kilaia is a super fun light-wind session saver. Even though I’m heavily involved in the UK RYA Olympic Foil training squad I can not get enough of riding a Kilaia. These boards are technically so much simpler to ride than a foil plus you do not have to wade out until you are waist-deep in water to get started. The perfect slow-motion strapless freestyle board to get your tricks nailed in light winds.

I shaped my first Kilaia this year from a rockered Paulownia blank and it has been a real pleasure to discover shaping a wooden board and riding it at my local beach. If you enjoy making things with wood it is a super project to embark upon and not overly difficult to get a good result.